Why (I) Care(d)

A few years ago, I used to be an environmentalist. I don’t know what happened but as I say here, India may have influenced me otherwise, I don’t know. But then again it’s not as though my home front was the most conducive for practicing solid waste management, rain water harvesting and what not. In my defence, I tried and failed. Some individuals I know may say that I should have tried harder. All I can say in response is that, at times, fighting back demotivation is easier said than done. It is not a cakewalk to kick back and fly away to Kilimanjaro on the wings given by a can of Red Bull.

So we had a brilliant key-note address at an inauguration ceremony a few hours ago. The guy is from India and is a film maker turned environmentalist. I was earnestly noting down most of his speech not only because of the report I had to give in (along with the other two reports which I will give after Monday, Inshallah) and my sheer like to record everything – colonial influence much? 🙂 – but also because what he spoke of was one of those :’) moments.

I apologise about the use of emoticons to justify and explain the statement but at times a picture (in these case an emoticon) is worth a thousand words. A favourite literature teacher of mine once explained to us  the use of weasel words, which I understood to be the use of one lousy word in order to convey the meaning of something greater. However, I do agree that in this case that an emoticon to be as ineffective as a weasel word but apologies, since of recent I seem to realise more on my shortcomings in vocabulary. Poo.

The gentleman who spoke today gave us hope. He brought to us the reality of the situation, the gravity of what was happening and made some of us nod our heads in agreement to a decade or two actually being a short period of time. Heck, I would like to live longer than that. At least three decades more would be a good deal I hope.

Listening to the Bee Gees and Too Much Heaven now, I recall a statement made by Suresh Heblikar. At 1214h he said, “The world cannot be any richer as it is today.” Yet still I long for a Kindle.

In literature, we speak of tragic heroes and identify a predominant characteristic as ‘the higher you go, the harder you fall’. Thus, in that sense of the word, the World’s fall is going to be hard. Very hard. We have already experienced bits of this with last year’s Fukushima catastrophe and the unnatural weather patterns in South Asia being living examples in my capacity. While the former is an event I sympathise with, the latter is something I identify and experience. Mrs Nature, keep em coming.

So, what then is the need of the hour? If solid waste management is an issue what do us apartment walahs do? We can’t recycle or make compost noh, we cannot go in search of green people who recycle and do other tree hugging acts as we don’t have time. After all, life comes down to individual development – predominantly economic and social development, the latter of which is quantified by economic and material gain – and not the development or betterment of society.

So this puts us once environmentalists in a fix. Are we to let go of what we’ve constructed till now and begin hugging trees again? Or are we to try a more idealistic approach of attempting both simultaneously, which in my opinion, in the most decent terms, is unattainable. It is the similar sentiment I bear towards the new initiative taken up by my Deanery. Sure, I agree with the going green nonsense, heck I’m wearing a green kurtha now – facepalm while you can – but the overpowering nihilistic twenty-something-individual-discovering-her-identities find this attempt to be one driven by idealism and sheer adolescent enthusiasm. Sadly, I don’t have an alternative or a ‘better option’ and hence my argument stands baseless, yet I continue to stand by my opinion.

Ironically Apple starts playing Big Yellow Taxi followed by Have a Little  Faith in Me. If the World could get any punnier than this.

P.S. – Jillinthebox’s opinions are her own.



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