It was like that time I ate too much of Nutella. It was Eid in Sri Lanka – yes the country had to be mentioned as I knew it was not Eid in India only after prayers. Google mercilessly passed that piece of information my way after tweeting at a friend over here. So I went Sri Lankan and celebrated it on Sunday and began my Shawwal fasting on Monday while the rest of India feasted on biriyani. I don’t know if this was correct, but I’m sure that God would understand.

So my pancake-for-brekkie Eid Sunday, rolled by slowly. Pavi had gone to a new Korean church nearby and I was sipping on coffee for a while. Stomach began to yell and I headed to the kitchen and dug in to the pancakes. First plain, followed by an overbearing power that told me to smear Nutella all over. I gave in and complied. That was a lot of Nutella. Egad. Bad idea. I remember stopping myself from digging in to that brown bottle early this week.

Now coming to learnings. Since at the end of the day it always comes down to that doesn’t it now?

So what I learnt from my Nutella Sunday was that firstly, I should not for obvious reasons have so much of Nutella. Reading further in to it, I will not give in to impulse-temptations. I usually don’t give in to most things associated with impulse, but I did this time, guess now I know why I’m such a ninny-nanny most of the time. Indulging is a bad thing. Satan would show me an apple and God would call it temptation.

Like many other bad things around us, we only hope that we will not indulge again in this particular vice and not give in to temptation. I hope this fact finds itself tattooed in my forehead and wherever else these messages are encoded.



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