All That Jazz

Truth be told, I couldn’t think of a better title and experience has taught me that unless I come up with a title at the beginning of the post, it might never find one by itself. So All That Jazz it became, as for those of you who do know me, it was and still occasionally is an overused phrase of mine.

So I revamped ze blog. It was white at first, then added some black. Need to add the summary thing. I don’t know how it’s done. Need expert advise on such minor matters.

I also realised that I write very little. There are so many things that crowd my mind. I write it down as much as I can and try to make it happen or in this case, make it find itself on the screen but, oh well.

The past few weeks were crazy. There were exams, that Alice in Wonderland thing (that makes me psyched about it being my final year. Heavens.), the still-blue-bruises, late nights, long nights, nights and weekends where I didn’t work at all, the epitome of procrastination, mismanaged funds and an Eid that made me realise how bad an Eid it was.

So this post would act as a uhm xxx – testimony? – for me to work harder and most importantly with more motivation and conviction. Yes, the latter seems to have been lost on me. Or worse. Maybe it never existed.



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