The Mediator

It has been a while since I occupied (the) blog. LoL. Do forgive the pun on the occupy, I just had to you know 🙂

Since my late teenage years I began to adopt a new identity. I became the Mediator. Usually I made my presence known with my Mother and sister at two ends. At times, I couldn’t differentiate my role from that of a Devil’s Advocate. It’s not something I took on with much fondness, but it had to be done. Someone had to step in. But it is no fun when the tables turn, everything backfires on you, and with your head  in your hands wonder, “Oh, why?”

I didn’t think this would be a trend that would continue to my emerging adulthood years. I didn’t seem to see or recognise the context which it ought to have operated in. But I was wrong. Just as I was when I first became the mediator.

This time around, my role of the mediator is more subtle and complex. I cannot announce my need to intervene out loud as it would complicate things to a whole lot of us. Then again, if I don’t do anything, I’m afraid negative social relations would fester between two parties. I do have my biases towards both, but I worry for each of their individual well-being. I do have the option of detaching myself completely too. But that wouldn’t be too responsible, noh?

Hence, I don’t know what to do. For those who know me, not knowing what to do is a feeling that haunts the sunlight out of me. Yet, that doesn’t seem to be enough of a motivation to do something either. No  matter how much I love sunlight.

There is an evident disparity in the perception of ideology and discourse between the two parties. Attempting to explain either of their differences to the other would be worse than the explanation of why America is taking over. Yes, I reiterate that my posts are greatly influenced by my recent learnings.

Would it be too idealistic for me to earnestly appeal for the acknowledgement and acceptance of a completely different point of view?

I guess there are some things I don’t understand and perhaps, will not understand, no matter how old I am.


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