Culinary Love

I love cooking. Most people may not know that, but I do. I inherit Mama’s love for cooking and feeding people.

However I have my culinary limitations and other jazz that comes with it. I guess they are shortcomings but oh well. Each cook for her own.

For starters, I am not a foodie. I don’t go in search of food places as a foodie would. Sure I would love to try out a new place every once in a way and would read through magazines, guide books and make note of places but would not necessarily make it a priority.

Secondly, I have serious culinary limitations. I don’t bake. Mainly because Mama told me that I might burn the house down if I used the oven. Also because as a Muslim majority household, – now actually it’d be considered a Malay-Muslim household with the new Daddy – baking is not a common occurrence. I might be generalising here but it stands true with most people I know. Akki used to bake but then she got lazy. Mama does the occasional lasange in the oven but besides that we don’t bake. We have tons of cooking, baking books at sit pretty on a few boxes and bookshelves.

Another limitation of mine is that I prefer feeding rice and whatever to people. Besides it being easier it’s I dunno, more Sri Lankan I guess? However, would love to learn more cuisines. Would be indeed delightful.


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