The Seni Meet Up: Un-boxing; the Nicest Gesture Ever

Sudaththa and Gehan (Pic by Malinthe)

No I couldn’t come up with an original title. Therefore I shamelessly used what was used on uhm that day. My planner says that it was on May 09. Yes, Malinthe’s pictures say the same too. The post has been coming a long time I think, too long that I don’t even remember the intricacies of what should have been ideally contained in this post.

This was one of the nicest gesture’s done by any of my online friends, or friends for that matter. Spearheaded by father of 1.5 Nasir I must thank you sir for that it was very very nice of you. Also, your little Huda is a be

Chief Organiser and his little Huda (Pic by Rothbourne)


The rest who joined the fanfare were Rothbourne, Gehan, Malinthe, Uditha, Sulare, David, Navodya and of course, Sudaththa who I had made with peace with by now 🙂 Big thank you to Coco Veranda, who gave us free food, and the veranda!

These tweeps are nice. I’ve made many friends online and yes, they are the nicest I have met so far. They are also very smart, *looks at Johanna* and gifted and well read and had previous connections with my school 😛 and leave their phone chargers at work and of course, I needn’t say more about David.

Thank you guys. I’m sorry about this being a shoddy post but I had to, had to write about the nicest thing someone’s ever done for me :’)


9 thoughts on “The Seni Meet Up: Un-boxing; the Nicest Gesture Ever

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  2. Jagath says:

    I’m surprised to see that you haven’t mentioned anything about ‘Twitter Gossip’. Plus, I agree, ‘Shoddy’ post! SMH



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