The Big Bad Party

“This place is so fucking filthy. I want to hold hosepipe and wash this ENTIRE house,” I hissed at my tired, tipsy and now-verbally-disturbed parents. Mama glared. I stomped off to the house that was filled with known and unknown people, not as though I gave a rat’s bottom. The only thoughts that raced my mind were, “How dare they take advantage of the situation. How dare they fucking do this!”

We were compelled to shift to our present residence as a result of our previous home – just purchased – being robbed in broad daylight, on a Sunday. Thank God no one was home. With both their girls away, the folks were paranoid beyond limits. To date, I could not demarcate the extent of their paranoia. So the shift took place and here we are, supposedly indebted to our saviours slash relatives – bleh – for sharing their roof, or their ground floor with us and also conveniently reminding us, its present tenants, that we had all the ability to shift our couches and overturn  tables so our gracious hosts – to whom we are paying – could party hard on a Monday night. Oh belch.

Up to date, I still cannot fathom the Monday night business. So what if their immediate family member was urgently required at his work place abroad? That does not mean that the date of the party should shift from a weekend to the beginning of a week?! For crying out loud. I’m being mean now. Like I said, it’s not as though I give a rat’s bottom.

Akki must be proud of me. I have turned out to be the sister she wanted me to be. I was not only not partaking in the miniature dance extravaganza DJd by those boys, in my living room if I may add, I also spent a great deal of time in the room catching up on missed news and updating my Goodreads booklist. When I was out I spoke to a selective crowd of three persons to be exact and upon the departure of one, I became my parents’ girl and didn’t budge from their sight. So I was also the anti-socialite. Total win.

Apparently it was inquired as to why I didn’t move along with the rest of the “youth” – a word used too frequently among these Associations. Mama the Magnificent had promptly replied that I had no patience for people who did not speak sense. Which was true. It’s not as though my apparent education and very short lived career made me a know it all. No that is not the case. I just am more selective in conversation. Having said that, I could also make small talk for hours long if it were to be done. But stupidity is a real bummer I say. Puts me off. Also nonchalance. I am very much an apathetic nonchalant individual I know. But not when it comes to socialising. I would yap only in the midst of sensible, level-headed persons or if not keep quiet, which I could also do for hours long.

However, a part of me sees this opportunity to mingle with these folks as an opportunity to work on my patience. I have learnt patience from many things: technology, India and the “wisdom” that is accompanied with “maturity”.

Yes I am evil. Yes I could be anti-social when I want to. Never realised it though, but yay I can. Suchha win. Akki, Nangi has grown up 😉

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