The Intern Speaks

The past month has been a whirlwind of events. Well sort of. Sure there were times when I didn’t do absolutely anything and there were many times and nights I have spent with people twice my age – don’t get me wrong here, it’s not what you think I can assure you that – but like everything else in my life, I adapted. I enjoyed talking about their mid-life crises and education and correcting the older-adults when they went wrong on topics that I have read more on.

Then there was the internship. We all know what happened to last year’s one 😉 It was a ball of fun and thank Heavens for The Editor – yes Boss I know you are reading – I worked for some 10-15 days of the 30 day internship.

This time around, I got serious. I worked for 26+ days, my internship diary tells me – guess it added up to the few days I took off while Akki was here – and I did learn a few things. Or a lot. I don’t know.

I learnt the importance of language. Thanks to my running off to India and my extensive use of English, my Sinhala is atrocious. This statement is made based on the fact that I have studied in Sinhala for nearly fourteen-and-a-half years of my life. I learnt that at a place where Sinhala and Tamil are the most familiar, English plays the role it was ideally supposed to: it acts as common ground to those who are not well-versed in the other official language. English neither takes over the existence of everything else, nor does not-knowing the language be a moment of shame. My many moments of shame arose when my Sinhala failed me and my non-speaking-Tamil-Muslim-ness came into being.

I also learnt the joys and the downside to a 9-5.30 job. I loved my time at FT. It was good fun and a heap of work, Sunday-Friday. That’s worse than college. However, over here it was fairly chilled out – rather I was fairly chilled out, not that great for an intern I suppose – and I did have time to do things after work and I had a weekend to call my own. I also did find myself switching off after 4.30 pm – fact – and the zombied look I would scare my folks every morning.

Another, uhm “lesson” that came my way was the futility of education. I have been debating on this topic for the past year and thus contemplating on the necessity of reading for a second degree. For starters, we learnt Vegas! Vegas is so old school and not as cool as FCP! Fine, we all don’t have Macs. But there’s more. The past two semesters boasted of two subjects: Audio and Video Editing and Television Appreciation and Film Studies. Besides the types of shots we learnt for both, I didn’t really find myself “applying” whatever nonsense they taught us. I found myself learning – not re-learning or applying but learning from scratch – new things everyday so much so that I felt a burden to all these lovely people here who were only more than willing to help. Especially the tea folks who knew that I loved my mildly-caffeinated beverage 🙂

Realisation: I am not cut out for television. I don’t really know what I am cut out for actually, but I know that television may not be my thing. I found myself coming in the way of so many people and even a little interview with one bloke would require the service of so many others! In this aspect I found print media way cooler with or without the availability of those lazy photographers.

Of the career choices I see ahead of me however, I did realise that I would like something that is internet-related and sitting in one place with a pc sounds good – minus the fat and other job-related pains I would acquire.

I learnt much about concerns that I would have not read about otherwise. I think my previous posts have been impacted greatly by my readings done here. Those who know me will know for sure not to dare speak of politics, law etc with me. I would not only die of boredom but would have one too many blonde moments to handle. Now, not only could I have a half-knowledge-d discussion about the Constitution and its Amendments, I can also speak of the, this party, that party, tea party business. This place has made me way cooler.


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