Priorities: The Space Race – Checked?

N.B. – Jillinthebox’s opinions are her own.

I am fascinated by astronomy. At night if time and location permit I look up and try to identify the little constellations I know and make my own in secret. A much awaited visit to the Planetarium recently instilled in me once more my childhood liking for stars and jazz.

The Daily Mirror today – thank you for all the updates – brings us news of Sri Lanka joining the global space race. This was immediately after reading that the country would be ready to implement the LLRC recommendations.

At first I questioned at the necessity of appointing a Committee (headed by the Presidential Secretary himself) to implement the recommendations made by the Commission. While I do appreciate the division of labour and delegation of responsibilities, the caricature of a few politicos hovered over a desktop at a conference table fails to escape my mind.

Proceeded by this realisation, I read on Sri Lanka’s venture into the stars. The numbers are big. I think they are even bigger than the tsunami relief that we received. We all know which seas they were washed into.

Despite being a space enthusiast I am not for Sri Lanka launching its first space satellite. It would have been more apt if it happened a few years ago as an initiative taken with Arthur C. Clarke involved – yes fan girl talking.

Yet now, I see this as an ill-planned, ill-timed course of plan, like most other things we see happening today.

P.S. – Jillinthebox90 apologises for the (many?) glitches in this article in terms of content, language and accuracy. More content could be obtained from the front page story of the Daily Financial Times.



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