Developed Country Much?

N.B. – Jillinthebox’s opinions are her own.

Some people sure do act fast. So now SF is to have a new political party lu: “Democratic Party”, Daily Mirror tells me. I thought I read somewhere that upon being released from court that he won’t be allowed to partake in politics or something to that effect. Pardon the lack of information but politics is just not my cup of tea. I understand it and am interested in it, in bits. Like business and law. In my defence, I am still learning.

When we were in school, I remember Social Studies very well. After leaving school I realised that not only did they not teach us “how to socialise” but they also did not teach history that escaped the shores for Sri Lanka – not the syllabus I was taught at least. Such a fail. My knowledge of the World Wars and Revolutions has been extracted from the internet and literatures.

One of the things I learnt for Social Studies – yes bits have retained in my memory – was the difference between developed and developing countries, the first world and the third world. I remember – I hope I have remembered right – that having two major political parties, the Government and the Opposition.

Clearly, our country is not heading in that direction. Especially not with the new political party joining the x-number of unheard and unseen opposing political forces. Not that I’m against Fonseka – it may seem like it is so – but no I am not against him or his actions. I am apathetic towards the state of politics, I haven’t voted to date – I had legitimate issues being a December born – and I don’t live in the country.

Would it be too idealistic and juvenile to ask for a joint Opposition with well “opposing” points of view?

I think yes.

P.S. – Jillinthebox90 apologises for the (many?) glitches in this article in terms of content, language and accuracy.



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