Priorities: SF’s Release – Checked?

N.B. – Jillinthebox’s opinions are her own.

So Sarath Fonseka was released. I leave out “General” because firstly, it genuinely slipped my mind with him constantly being referred to as “SF” online and secondly, as I saw on Twitter yesterday, he was stripped of his title as “General” so I am correct in that sense – I would like to believe.

This is not meant to be a “political” post – pray if there was anything as such – but merely a perspective of an apathetic – the apathy which is driven by ignorance, and nonchalance – individual who has been diligently observing the reactions of the general public and media to SF’s release.

Driving back from work yesterday I see the Pelawatte-Talawatugoda stretch littered with bits of paper. Uncle tells me that crackers were lit in celebration of SF’s release. Having been in the edit room the entire day and mobile net being down, I did not have time for my regular news updates. I feel nothing at his statement and I look away.

The problem of my not caring for SF’s release came up a few times at home. I simply told my Mother that at least people knew where he was. I mean the whole world did right? But what about Prageeth Eknaligoda? I don’t know much of his case either – yes I am aware that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing – but what about him? He’s been MIA for a while now. What about Lasantha Wickrematunge’s murder? Have the assassins being brought to justice yet?

My concern for the mentioned names is not a result of my brief experience in media. SF was and still is from the looks of it an individual, people would not miss out on, for his war victories, Presidential candidacy or court case. However, those abducted by white vans – someone tells me that they’ll ban white vans soon, such a fail course of action in my opinion if it were to be implemented – are soon forgotten. Or it gets better: they are remembered and prayed for on human rights day, press freedom day or are brought in when an opportunity arises for them to voice their opinions. I’m not one for petitions or rallies as I fail to see the point of it, but at times I suppose it is the last resort for some.

In the midst of the country’s kickass development strategy and the probable marina plan, one thing’s for sure: Sri Lanka needs to get its priorities straight whether it be by implementing the LLRC recommendations, the Thirteenth Amendment or searching for those missing individuals.

P.S. – Jillinthebox90 apologises for the (many?) glitches in this article in terms of content, language and accuracy.

One thought on “Priorities: SF’s Release – Checked?

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