When Media Fails

N.B. – Jillinthebox’s opinions are her own.

This post is ironic as I too am presently in a media organisation,  but then, I could justify my statement by stating that I do not work for a “news” organisation and therefore the post does not necessarily apply to me. However, the post is being written from the perspective of a citizen and not a media personnel.

Just today I was Googling – since most inspiration is drawn from this domain – for news happening in the country as I needed a story having lost one of my leads. The only story which seemed newsworthy to pop up on Google was that egg-less chicken. All I could hope for is that this being a one-off case and not something that would happen more frequently. I like my eggs and chicken as two separate entities.

A few hours later, something newsworthy did come up. The Dambulla mosque attacks or protests or something to that extent – I am not too sure. Why? Because there was no information on the internet – again, since that is our first source of information. Tweeps from Sri Lanka waited patiently online to hear any piece of information with regard to what was happening in Dambulla. A foreign correspondent from BBC was supposed to be responsible for the “breaking” of this news. Pray, on behalf of all citizens I ask, where were our local news organisations during this time? Print and electronic media have their local or regional correspondents and where were they during this vital hour? Hats off to Ceylon Today for being the first official media for providing a few lines with regard to the situation but what about the rest of the media?

People turn to the fourth estate for information. When this information is not provided when something “new” or “news” takes place, pray then, what is the purpose of media after all?


10 thoughts on “When Media Fails

  1. Whacko says:

    1983 was the action of a few as well. These things have a uncanny way of spreading like wildfire. Hope something is done to nip it in the bud soon


  2. Mohammed Shifan says:

    First they killed & massacred 40,000 Hindu civilians in North. The so called international community did nothing but encouraging them…. so now they have got the upper hand knowing that there’s nothing in this world can stop them !
    … and they have started the Phase 2 of their massacre series; yes illuminating the Muslims from Sri Lanka despite the 99% countries who supported SL were Islamic nations during UN human rights violation motion against to Sri Lanka last month. The foolish Sri Lankan Muslim community “STILL” believe that they are treated “EQUALLY”…
    Saadu… Saadu… Saddu.. to Mahinda Rajapaksha who is behind the scene… and “Mahinda Ellawala himi” who is executing this on behalf of The President….


  3. Robes of a Muse says:

    Hey guys! Look, some of us ‘Sinhalese’ do we bad about what happened, and you can’e generalise things by saying that all Sinhalese are this and that. A few do ‘bad’ things and that reflects on the entire community. I have quite a number of Muslim friends like jillinthebox90 and Whacko here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please don’t blame us all for the behaviour of a few people.


  4. Velda says:

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