Being Away, Being Here

First thing I noticed was that WordPress seems to have changed. At least a tad bit. Second thing I remembered was that I don’t quite remember as to why I even wanted write a post. Besides the obvious pangs of frustration, occasional dents of depression, I think there were more urgent matters that seemed to find itself in need of a post but pray, they seem to have been forgotten. Like most other things in life.

Home has been good to me so far. Lots have happened within these few days. Some good. Mostly – I won’t say bad but rather that of which that left me confused. The remaining well, that of which should find itself to my unconscious.

Much has changed down here. The city looks beautiful. The Government should be commended, undoubtedly. However, one could not help but think if the pretty painted picture is not a façade meant to drape the reality of things. Personally, I feel that CoL is atrocious. Yet I sense that people are happy. Or that might just be my bubble speaking. Or it might only be in my house. That Southern Expressway they all speak of is pretty darn good, drove down to Unawatuna a little too soon maybe.

I suppose one thing most people find difficult to accept, especially after coming back home after a lapse of an year or more – for others – is the fact that the country and everyone around them have changed without them. It’s not as though we expect development, life and all activity to cease while we are not around but the fact that people get used to you not being around is a bit of a bummer I feel. Most people might not agree, but be away for a long time and come back and whoa, you’d be amazed. I could only imagine the plight of the diaspora. I can merely sympathise with them as the picture painted in front of them passing Katunayake is not different, but new.

Work is going good. I realised after having worked in Sri Lanka for a little while. that living in the island makes me lazy. I take things as it comes and I don’t seem to have that compulsion to plan. I neither am motivated to work. Which is a bad thing. Maybe I might even be diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. I suppose unless I live alone, I wouldn’t understand the burden of responsibility and independence. I also enjoy having my compulsive tendencies and my need to govern and take life by the horns. Yes, I like being control-freak.

Okay so WordPress hasn’t changed. I just used something new.


2 thoughts on “Being Away, Being Here

  1. Robes of a Muse says:

    I agree. Things change around us. We sort of ‘expect’ (perhaps not the best word) to come back to where we left and start from there. But as things to happen, things change and that’s inevitable. Trees grows, cities change, roads widen and are straight. People change and grow, and sadly there’s nothing we can do about that.



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