With The Dark Hour Approaching

So Earth Hour is to take place this Saturday, same time, all the places. I still recall the madness and frenzy when it took place last year. Running around the hostel trying to switch off all lights with the irony of having to see the warden watching the idiot box in darkness.

This year, Earth Hour is coming and the weather will “supposedly” not permit anyone to turn off their fans and boredom will keep them from shutting down their laptops. I read up on controversies that led to this campaign and they speak of the fumes of candle and how it is hazardous to the environment.

Furthermore, the theme for 2012 speaks on the lines of “If you will, I will”. I don’t know how many people will, or comprehend the necessity of this not-yet-commercialised-save-the-earth-campaign let alone “will” for it, thus it’d just leave me and well, myself. Oh and, I, too.

The problem I see with the world today is the fact that they take everything for granted. The fact that there is an unlimited supply of whatever required available with dealers, both legal and illegal. Despite the horrendous economic calamity that is taking place, I sincerely doubt that the economy has not thrived as much it is now since the time of the barter system. People are in debt, yet they continue to buy. Fuel prices increases, yet the sale in the number of vehicles do not decrease. CoL is atrocious and the dollar back home is gaining like there is no tomorrow, yet people continue to populate and buy luxury items that could feed hundreds, if not thousands.

In this light, why should people practice Earth Hour? Production has to run in order to avert colossal losses. People have to continue to buy, buy and hoard more than their wardrobes or storage places could hold.

We are all turning out to be capitalist slash consumerist bitches. I too am one. Environmentalism seems to have conveniently found itself outside the window.



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