When Google Becomes Inadequate

As most young adults of my age, I too am at a standstill with regard to the question of finding my purpose in life, its meaning, what I am destined to do and so on.  I know that I should pray, ask God for the answers and He will give them to me. But in the mean time, I am to seek for them as well, aren’t I?

When looking at the Scriptures as an option, I wonder, should I interpret it and apply it to my life thus or should I take it as a given and not take the road of our “Jihad-ians”? Besides the Holy Books, we also open our Homepage. But what happens when Google limits itself to being merely an SEO? I would like to believe that my queries for the search bar have a tad bit more depth than, ‘Why do White people dislike Black people?’

I keep telling my peers that it’s the age. I also support it with my studies from  Developmental Psychology. But what happens when I am put in a position to apply it to my own self? Do I comfort myself by blaming it on my hormones and the developing psyche? We keep learning and relearning about discovering our sense of self and the other and oh, literary theory does bring out the worse in you, at times at least. But then, like all other disciplines, despite it belonging to humanities, why can’t I see my learnings being applied to my own life? Why isn’t it helping me make the decisions I am supposed to make?

I wish things were like the way before. Like my Mother’s time. Or even Grandmama’s. Times when there were five career options to choose from. Times when you get married when you turn twenty-one. Times when you have your first Grandchild when you are forty.

Like my friend said, ‘It’s not like we are not getting any younger.’ To older adults out there, please do not indulge in laughter. Times have changed. If you thought that the technological revolution made things easier, believe me it hasn’t. It has made us, the apparent “future” of the world, too critical of ourselves and of everyone else around us. Not knowing what you want to do in life could be suicidal, let alone frustrating.


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