That Love-Hate Relationship

I don’t know what else to call it. I know for sure that it doesn’t reach either extreme of the afore mentioned emotions but it reaches near there all right.

It is one that is defined by unwanted telephone calls, verbal lashings – silently endured and responded to from one end – heights of disrespect from either end, but still it survives.

I wonder if there is a mutual ground that we both stand on. We work for the same cause I agree. The other’s motives maybe slightly different from mine. Clearly, it has to be. However, it is not as though we even have a common enemy that we are up against.

The binary of the two is obvious. One is undoubtedly more authoritative than the other. Yet, the other knows that the relationship has to co-exist.

What I do not understand further is that we do have our moments of mirth, sometimes perhaps unknown to others.

I do acknowledge that God is great. I also do acknowledge that sometimes, some things were not meant for our understanding.


One thought on “That Love-Hate Relationship


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