Of Life and Its Learnings

What made me blog, in such a close-knit interval, especially when exams are literally, “round the corner”? I don’t know. Perhaps, it is like buying shoes for me, an incentive. An incentive to tell myself that I can write and do the things I normally do in the midst of exams and all that jazz.

Ever since India, I’ve become accustomed to spending time with myself. This is neither meant to denote peculiarity nor perverseness. Instead, I look at it in the light of self-discovery and acceptance.

Self-discovery. I would be twenty-one in a few months. While I have been cribbing to all who would hear me out about growing old, it’s fascinating because, at times I laugh to myself when walking down S.G. Palya and think, ‘who knew I’d get this far?’ Looking back, I’m amazed at how soon the years flew by. Looking back, I remember when I wrote my first poem. Looking back, I count the number of career choices that I lay in front of me. Irony is that, none of the choices seem to appeal to me today.

Acceptance; I think begins with appreciation. I have begun to appreciate more, the members of my family, the new members in my family and most importantly God. I also have learnt that while it is only Facebook that gives me some 600 friends, life gives me a few friends who are good, reliable and beautiful no matter how far away they physically may be. I have also learnt that cribbing about being in India would not really get me anywhere. I asked to be here, I made the choice of coming here and therefore, I am indeed responsible for it.

Perhaps due to an overdose of psychology and studying the workings of the mind of a twenty-one year old, I have learnt that this also a period of crossroads in the context of choices whether it be career, relationships and so on. In that light, I also see that while God has indeed written and planned as to how things should work, He also gives us the choice of making the right or wrong decisions.

My tea tastes good and the post seems relatively all right. Let’s hit the books now.


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