One of Those Days

It’s rare. Those days that make you feel as though there is absolutely no care in the world – in a good way – and feel as though, yes I’m going to say it, “Top of the world!” These days are ones that are of absolute happiness.

My Literature teacher told me that happiness is brought about by the awareness of the consequences of that particular circumstance – if that made sense to anyone who is reading 🙂 Not that all is going brilliantly for me: I have my exams in a week, the Production is well, – those of you know the story I needn’t say more – I am losing weight at an unfathomable rate, I leave to Goa in twenty-days and Dubai in a few months and I love my family and my best friends too much and the list goes on.

However, it all comes down to the fact that regardless of me knowing that all this is happening, both good and bad, I am still thankful to God – regardless of as to where my faith stands as at now – for what He has given me thus far and for all that He continues to bless me with.

So while the day lasts, it’s time to work – if you feel like it – listen to Katy Perry, dance till your ass refuses to move no more and be grateful for everything and everyone around you.


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