Dealing With It

Isn’t it amazing how one moment everything seems to have fallen into place, much to your amazement I must add, especially after a few horrid events that preceded. But then, that very moment flashes before your eyes and whoosh! – it’s as though it never existed.

I have been asked or rather I have listened to many people chant the usual, ‘Oh why me? Why does it always happen to me?’ At times this question is blatantly rhetorical that you can’t help but smirk or look disgusted. But most of the time, you roll your eyes and plainly say, ‘That’s just the way things happen, you can’t always have what you want…’ And so the response rant goes on. As a girl, I think it is expected that a comforting, consoling mask is worn but then again, as a girl, I honestly don’t see the point in doing so and conforming to stereotypes. Personally, I feel that the best method of consoling someone is to just sit quietly next to them for as long as it takes.

However, there are times when merely sitting next to other person would not do the trick. This at times feels redundant, inefficient – tried and tested especially when the tragedy befalls on you and suddenly, you wonder, ‘What went wrong where?’ The retracing of steps begin and you think of the slightest possibilities of as to when things may have gone wrong, the wire that was not connected that eventually led to the inconvenience you are in now.

I believe in God and I know that all of what befalls on us, both good and bad are His doings. I am thankful to Him for every opportunity and person He brings forth to my life. Thus, it is only rightful that I accept His work, unquestioningly, despite the event not making sense to me now. It is His plan and at times, it is beyond our comprehension. Praise be to God.


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