The Reward Effect

A more apt title would have been a something to the effect of Newton’s third law but oh well, ever since renewed Theatre days, we have grown accustomed giving titles prior to content 😉

Twitter and later news articles tell me that a part or most of the SEALs who were part of the Osama Bin Laden killing tribe have died. Not that killing Bin Laden was wrong, or right; being a mere blogger there is only so much revolution that my opinion would make in the sphere of things. Belonging to a country that has been constantly being known for its human rights violations, my statement stands clear.

Leaving these otters or seals or whatever they are called out, the effect shows a lasting impression in all most everything we do. It’s something that needn’t be acknowledged as it happens almost unconsciously.

Since we were kids we were taught the fundamentals of right and wrong; good and bad. This vacation, I remember Akki telling our new cousins about the “Apayata yana potha” (The book on going to Hell). This was brought up when the girls refused to have their dinner and then took to being naughty. I vividly remember laughing then, however looking back on it now I see how much truth there is to it.

Being the month of Ramazan, we all scramble to our prayers; some with the Sunnat prayers and the others like me we Tharaweeh and very shamefully admitting, the foregoing of the mandatory prayers. Why do we all do this? Besides the fact of it being Ramazan we know that all things in this world are temporary. Our real journey begins only in the hereafter. In this world, we hope for God to be with us guiding us in the right path, the “right” usually being a substitute for “good”.

Thus it’s obvious that we try to do as much good as we can in our lives. A few years ago a minister crashed in to a tree with his envoy while listening to bana (something to the effect of Buddhist teachings). We all want to do good, but we all know who ministers are. Then again, I maybe generalising, I don’t know. But as always perceptions are built on what is seen around us, most of the time.

It doesn’t always have to be death, even the simplest things in life such as doing something on when required, being there for someone and the list adds on. Most of the time while things may not always turn out to be the way one expected to, you cannot help but smile when it does.

Here’s to all the good times in life, the bad ones, the ones dominated by overreacting hormones and to individuals who are en route to discovering themselves. While doing the “right” thing may not entirely always look that good on you, it would, someday.


2 thoughts on “The Reward Effect

  1. Shruthi says:

    Your start reminded me of Deepak Chopra’s explanation about ‘Karma’ that I read long back. This is what I got from dear google:
    “Every action generates a force of energy
    that returns to us in like kind…
    what we sow is what we reap.

    And when we choose actions that bring
    happiness and success to others,
    the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.”
    is the last para influenced by studying psychology? 😀


    • jillinthebox90 says:

      Nice! But no, I was not influenced by Deepak Chopra. The closest I’ve read of him is through “The Love Guru” in 2008 😀

      As for the last paragraph, no it wasn’t psychology. Just a reiteration to myself and the rest is due to frenzied hormones 😀



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