27 Club

So Amy Winehouse is dead. I can’t believe that she actually is, even after the lapse of a day. It were the same sentiments that I felt when Britanny Murphy died two years ago. Funnily enough I was never ardent fans of either, maybe just took it for granted that they would be around forever. I suppose that happens with everyone around.

Amy’s death which seemed to dominate all ten Trending Topics on Twitter yesterday made me realise that the world still cares. Or maybe I say that to make myself happy. With regard to Trending Topics however, it took a slightly different turn with a hash-tag of #blamethemuslims. Naturally, I was flabbergasted. More than a hundred people die in developing countries everyday – I might be generalising but then again, don’t we all? But Oslo is bombed and a few hundred die and suddenly it is newsworthy. Not that it shouldn’t be, by all means it should. But the fact that it has been given as much attention in comparison to, for example the West Asia attacks? In an attempt to justify the mentioned statement I would put it down to Media’s nature of reporting that of which is new, current and all that jazz. For all we know, West Asian attacks have been going on forever, Gaddafi has been in power for eternity.

I was told by a very close friend that Bangalore is so mundane that it lacks the desired inspiration to blog. Recalling the words of my Editor with a slight modification to them, the emergence of inspiration or opportunity solely depends on one’s own ability to create it.

Living in this what I would call “inhospitable” land has not only made me more appreciative of the place from where I come from, but has also given me ample time to think, rethink and look in to the possibility of “What If?” in the context of the news that I hear around me.

Thus I wonder, what if things didn’t turn out the way it did? What if, Amy Winehouse was still alive, would she have given up her addictive tendencies some day? What if, I were to give up media, rejoin the musical scene and to be knocked down by a drunk driver and die at twenty-seven?

Afore mentioned ample time provided also has its downsides. One’s ability to look to the most unlikeliest of probabilities in the period of extreme hormonal reaction. Sigh.


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