Importance of Being Pink

This post has derived from watching one too many flicks and listening to too many sappy songs. Those very movies that makes you go “Aww” and shed a tear at the end of it all, upon the female protagonist finally being united with her soul mate or the most good looking actor in the story. After which, you lie on your bed and contemplate of what you’ve seen and put yourself in her shoes. In terms of music it is those very songs that start to make more sense to after some boy has succeeded in making you his captive audience.

Being a girl I will blatantly admit that I like watching flicks. They make me happy and yes I do go “aww” –  silently – and shed tears, lots of them depending on my hormonal functioning at that moment *LoL*

I like them better when I can relate to it. In other words, when the movie actually depicts my social life or relationship(s). Oh, that is when the actual fun starts. You put yourself in the shoes of the heroine or female protagonist and imagine… let’s not go there.

Once the movie is over, you meet and greet girlfriends who have already watched it and recommend it to those who haven’t. Discuss it over coffee, dinner and skype; in the midst of all this, external storage devices are madly passed between one another during class, malls, slid under doors and through some random boy acting as a messenger. This is followed by downloading theme songs and sending it to one another and the flick gains popularity.

Once in a way when the content becomes very applicable to a real life situation, you try to get that boy of yours to have a look see in to it, and oh! fail miserably. Chances are that if you make them watch it with you, they would only fall asleep.

Boyfriends are important in the am-I-straight check-list. But girlfriends and room mates, flicks, chocolate, pink and a little bit of blonde-ness are more important.


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