Summer 2011. Merci

The days I thought that would never be. The days I waited for the most for as long as I have known. The days that were indeed the best of my life. My earlier post spoke of the downside of growing up and the disadvantage in us being able to recall what once was. Perhaps, God saw the shadow looming overhead and called for the Light. Thank you God 🙂

I repeat, these two months were indeed the best two I’ve ever had. There maybe better months ahead, I do not know, but for the past twenty odd years I’ve been around, these two were indeed great. It’s at times like this that I remind myself as to how much more grateful I should be to God and thank Him for all the wonderful people He has blessed me with. This post would serve as a collective thank you note for all those who made these sixty plus days truly fabulous.

My family – With our new home located far far away from civilisation, I only think it brought us closer and tighter as a family. In this instance I should be thankful to *ahem* Bangalore too, as it instilled in me elements of silence and the ability to observe without jumping the gun which was of use during my stay at home 😀 Holidays were made brighter in May, when Akki venerated the household with her presence. Cheers, to good times.

Hussain. No, I am not blushing, merely smiling – wide. He makes me excessively happy and I needn’t say more about it. We shall meet soon and I will be happier than a clown.

David. The boy who never learns and the boy who thinks that he is thirty-five. For all those reading, he and I are the same age. Amazing writer and for ladies interested, single *wink* LoL. Apologies for dropping you off by the road the other day.

Nisthar, Uditha, Marianne, Cheranka, Joe, Cassandra, Shezna, layout boys and all other FT jokers. The poster you gave me when I left FT is the first thing I see every morning. My very short work period there brought back a snippet of the memories I longed for.

Vositha. My future lawyer, fellow-tree hugger and *ahem* older best-friend. Would’ve loved to see you more but it’s not the number of times that we met but what made it more worth it is the happiness those meetings engulfed.

Bhagya. The girl who can’t get enough of India and supposedly the daughter who we picked up after work. See you soon in Bangalore.

MallaSatyajit. The boy who plays with stocks and earns more than an average nineteen year old. Very nice kid, a little spoilt but good soul. Sen-saal may have been a one-timer but I’ll be back.

The ladies from Metho – Afrah, Mayanthi, Tamara and Ruth. Girls, I used the full form only as it would look and sound better. We may have all met only once but we will continue the gossip through Facebook. I don’t see any other purpose for that social networking site anyway. Saashya and Dilshani, we shall see you soon.

Shalini. We didn’t meet each other much, but we saw each other’s new houses and I cannot be happier that you are a workaholic.

A little uncalled for but Coco Veranda. Your tagline is so true, as I did keep going back and it was the only place that I kept on visiting as often. Convenient and very very comfortable – loved it.

Pavani. My bubbly Sri Lankan room-mate in India. We are dependent on each other. Even if we weren’t I wouldn’t love you less. Cheers to free lunch *wink*

Kei. The half-Japanese girl. It was delightful meeting you even though you were asleep post-lunch.

Sumi. I ran in to you at the theatres. However, I’ll be back. We will meet again, soon.

Hilly. The one boy whom I didn’t meet and deeply regret. We will meet, as I don’t have any other chick friend and can’t give that title to anyone else. Await next April and we shall jam, just like old days.

Rukman. My beloved hairdresser. I doubt that you would read this but apologies again for the mistake in the keytag.

For those of whom who know me, yes I did make a list, just so that I don’t leave out anyone. If I did, the post would be edited immediately and you included. Thank you all once more for making my vacation truly memorable and the wait much much more worth it than I thought it to be. I couldn’t have asked for more.

#nowplaying Time of Your Life - Greenday

10 thoughts on “Summer 2011. Merci

  1. Robes of a Muse says:

    ♥ any time, any day for you!! You missed out on that super-deper surprise Hussain & I gave you! It was epic, to say the least! And I love having you two as my parents! Ya’ll be cool! 🙂 mmwah!



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