Earth Hour

It’s a little late in the day I know. In fact, it was the first thought that crossed my mind upon opening a new tab, but still, better late than never eh? Now coming to think of it, Earth Hour has been on my probable blog list for sometime now, ah we all know where that went. However a post on LBO resurrected this dying thought.

Despite claiming to be an environmentalist, I must say that I do very little for the environment. In as much as there is so much I want to do, at times my measures are limited to merely switching off a monitor, which does not happen always either. I managed to get rid of the microwave at home a few years ago, only to have two air conditions, a high pressure, vacuum cleaner, electric grill and a few other electrical appliances consuming nearly 1000 w or more in my house now. At this point of time, the only term that blinks vividly in front of me is hypocrisy.

However, there is this infamous Earth Hour which I think to be is a great concept. While it maybe overrated, I appreciate the positivism it engulfs. Even if people do it for the sake of doing it – turning off the power for an hour #RhymeAwhile it does make a change. In this context, I believe that by turning off one light, fan, television that is used in that one room of your house or apartment creates a world of a difference. But the question lies with being unable to accept that the same is made when I turn off a monitor at my workplace only to get a minor-verbal bashing from a co-worker.

Being in India for Earth Hour this time, I was surprised to find out as to how little people knew about it. Looking back on that day, I think I am more disappointed and saddened by that forsaken hour as opposed to being surprised. The girls in the hostel were curious to find out as to why all the lights were switched off. Last year I vaguely remember being at an event during Earth Hour.

The train of thought flows. A call interrupts it. This is followed by an invitation for chocolate mousse, which is delightful. The blogging resumes and I contemplate of ways to segregate the waste at home.



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