Critical Evaluation

Your greatest moment arrives when you look at your own work and say that it lacks the angle desired. I just tweeted that and oh, we all know what follows next. Maslow believed that such a characteristic was needed if one was to attain the sphere of self-actualisation.

All of us, at some point in our lives are to do this. Or this may just be my observation. Or not. Critical evaluation, of yourself, your actions and all decisions you have made, will make and are in the process of making. Unless and until we do so, we would never be able to give the much needed third-party observation in the absence of any.

Whilst cleaning out my stuff I came across my old poems and probably would’ve been, attempted autobiographies and some teen fiction that I tried my luck at. In as much as I laugh my bottoms off at its frivolousness and fickleness while reading it, I can’t help but smile and think, ‘Hey, I at least gave a shot at it.’ At fifteen, there is only so much that one would think of. At fifteen, there is nothing in this world that we can’t be. However, despite laughing to heart’s content, I give myself a slight pat on the back. I think to myself, what I started then as a hobby, now I look forward in pursuing as a career .

But things take a different turn once you are older. A relatively recent interest in photography has taught me that. Though I have no fancy camera with a multitude of lenses, I do enjoy clicking pictures with my little green digital camera. Sorting out pictures that were to go on Flickr, I look at some and think, ‘That is such a bad shot. What on earth were you thinking child?’ At twenty-one, I don’t pat myself on the back . Instead I blog about it and say that I was critically evaluating myself. I don’t smile at the fact that I attempted to capture the moment but sigh at the fact that I didn’t get the angle that I desired.

In this world, we all need a twinge of reassurance and lots of hypocrisy to keep us going.

2 thoughts on “Critical Evaluation

    • jillinthebox90 says:

      Well fiction that was incomplete and failed miserably! No regrets though. It is very corny to read it now and I do cringe at every sentence. However with all modesty, I pat myself on the head for trying as I know that I won’t do so any time in the near future 🙂 I suppose it is not pleasing entirely, but that does not mean that it should not be spoken of, or in this case glorified.



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