The Ptolemaic System

Yes, I know. The title had to be looked up. Upon looking up for the word for when Earth revolves around the Sun, I came across the ancient and now-inaccurate notion of the Earth assuming the centre seemed more relevant in this context. Yes, I do think it is.

We all have a bit of this Ptolemaic System in us I think. I mean this is the dude who called us Taprobane and inspired those wannabe beach resort-ee jazz back home. All of us, or at least most of us as, – I’ve heard that generalisation doesn’t get you anywhere – are liable to making ourselves more important. The oh-so generous benevolent might call this as being self-centred, but it is important that we give time for ourselves. We are important. Unless and until we realise our worth, personal opinions beg to remark that one would be unable to feel the worth of another.

It is not being self-centred. It is about giving time for yourself; a time that could be used for personal development, for the better we all hope. India, I think has helped in that aspect. Leaving aside the personal development  just mentioned, I believe that the quiet time provided with the lack of more friends, *juxtaposed on purpose* that led to introspection, played a key role these ten odd months. As I pack my bags to set off home next week, a very quiet voice in me wonders, as to whether I would have the same freedom and quietness back home.

The downside to introspection I think is that it leaves you melancholic and depressed that inspire more #fml tweets. However, this results when one comes in to contact with the truth. As long as we don’t contemplate the consequences of our actions we are all rosy. Upon doing it, #fml it is indeed my friend.


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