The Tale of a Wandering Mind

As I log on to Twitter via Twibble – a relatively crappy application to tweet, nonetheless it serves it purpose – I realise as to how much is happening around me.

In my little world, I look out my grilled window and see the endlessness of the city of Bangalore, talking to Akki through Whatsapp she says that the world is coming to an end, and I tweet saying that she is Mayan believer and carry on with my packing.

Gaddafi, Japan and its nuclear plant, Bahrain and the stock exchange continue to flood my feed.

In the midst of all this chaos, I remember my dear old blog. I remember the blogs that I said would be written about certain persons and incidents; the travelogue. Procrastination. Ah, not a new phenomenon eh?

While writing this, I begin to be amazed as to how my mind could wonder from one to another. A hundred and one things keep flooding my brain feed and I begin to realise that there is no surprise as to why I have very low levels of concentration. Apparently, the latter is very disadvantageous in the context of being susceptible to hypnosis.

I also realise that if the mind of an average twenty year-old were to wonder in this manner, it’d be no biggie for similar minds to wonder as well. A friend of mine said the other day that the 8.3 Kanko Quake didn’t matter much to us as it was not in the vicinity. In retrospect I wonder as to why I kept quiet when she said so. The nuclear explosion’s radiation is said to reach the rest of Asia starting Philippines. Or so said the text message that I received. Manila being, approximately 4680 kilometres away, I – again – begin to wonder, is Kanko a biggie after all?

In the midst of trying to wind the post up, I start prioritising the rest of the tasks that lie ahead. Japan, Libya and Bahrain continue to flood my feed.


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