Month Two

Blogging has been a luxury that I’ve avoided for quite some time. Reasons are still unknown but all I know is that I’ve avoided even visiting WordPress, probably out of guilt or something. It’s been some year, an some holiday; for the unfortunate soul who reads my blog await, the amateur travelogue is brewing. It’ll be ready to serve eventually I suppose. My speculation is that this blog too was inspired by one of my teacher’s who requested for the blog URLs of the entire class *some inspiration*

Looking back at 2010, it’s been well, an year that cannot be described in merely one word. As my literature teacher would call it, the word used to describe the bygone year would merely be one “weasel” in value as it wouldn’t do justice to me or the persons involved. A lot happened, for the better and worse, no regrets but as always I learn from my mistakes, or at least try to and only pray that the same are not repeated.

Having watched the first season of an American-Indian television serial I am struck with the line, “A boy never kisses and tells,” in this context the simple substitution of “boy” to “girl” is required. While it is my belief that a tale of my indescribable year is not required, deep down inside I hear the core word laziness *dozes off*


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