The Power of Music: Resonance

The resonance makes all present do

As they feel. The Art that is true

Has preached and instilled in me

Such virtues. Indebted to them is me.


The resonance makes some gaze in to

The distant. Dream of what I no not.

Others engage in activities they call

Their own. Some in slumber.


Maketh it go by music I tried.

Yet in vain lest I should’ve known.

‘Tis the Art that determined;

Not one’s own appraisals.


The resonance drives some down

A path to reality. The others down

What is beautiful, serene and ever

Tranquil. Some reside in slumber.


The resonance bring peace of mind

To some. The others attempt at

Portraying pieces of their minds

To others. Alas. The motive lost.


October 01, 2010



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