Silence is Golden

6.17am. Yes! Am a ‘wannabe’ blog whore. As I sit at the porch of Jonas Hall I begin to think that I’m blessed with insomnia. Yes, I do consider insomnia to be a blessing in disguise or something of that sort, as it helps me stay awake of when I really needed to. Or even when I don’t need to, like today, a Saturday for crying out loud.

My blog-cells were provoked as a result of being the witness to a quiet Bangalore. Yes, you heard me, a quiet Bangalore. Free from noise, free from tooting horns (okay, we shall make allowance for an occasional horn every 10 minutes) and most importantly free from everything that I stated in the previous post.

Disrobing *LoL* for bed around two am I took the final glimpse of Bangalore for the day before retiring. At once, I was taken up by the beauty of Bangalore by night. Or dusk to be precise. The first time I saw the sunrise (just to break the heat of the moment, sunrise cannot be technically seeing in Bangalore as it is in the middle of the country) in the city a few weeks back, the sky was a mischievous shade of mauve. This morning it was an orange that had transcended to a red  that had to a light-crimson. It was amazingly beautiful. Being an insomniac I was not sleepy. At all. However, I knew ‘sleep’, at that precise moment was an obligation. Nonetheless, the stillness of Bangalore never did leave my sight. Exaggerating I am not, as a result of there being no breeze, the trees remained still. As a result of there being no hustle and bustle amongst the city folk the Houses remained quiet. Never in my life had I seen Bangalore as still as I had this morning.

6.30am. Now I speak of Bangalore at four am. Though it wasn’t as quiet as it was two hours ago, the hues of the apparent big blue sky were attaining its moments of mischievous mauve. The breeze, which seems to be boulderised *I call this blog-atic license. wink* had still paused the actions of the city. Birds, having woken up is making itself known by its irritating chirps.

The sky at six-thirty-four am looks pale blue. Not a cloud in the sky sweetheart. Not a cloud in the sky.  The city is yet to play.



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