Food for Thought

Uncoordinated practices, last minute additions, revival of deletions, ‘Team Misfits’ sure did live up to their name. The group, consisting of more people than one would challenge their cells to remember, literally scrambled over not over the now roasted eggs, but coming together as a team and executing a yes, would-be awestricken performance.

When our phonetics teacher announced of Masquerade 2010, the One-Act Drama Fest of Christ University’s I CEP class in June, the entire class jumped in excitement. ‘Twas Drama after all. There may have been people who did not share similar sentiments, however it was not as if they were regarded, as drama is a common passion shared by most in class.

Interestingly enough, ‘Team Misfits’ was a development of their initial name ‘Team Random’ which again lived up to their previous name. Not only were we ‘misfit-ting’ true to its sense, but were ‘random’ in our own ways, probably due to lack of adequate gelling.

The Table Comprises

“..And dinner will be served,” is what any individual would label a ‘typical *Indian accent* family drama’. Annoying grand folks with their incessant complaints on the Generation Y, apparent shortcomings of the immediate generation and their own hypochondriac tendencies; super Mom and the unsupportive husband; blonde daughter inspired by excessive “Sex and the City” and slacking son; and of course the fudging maid who never works.

The above is merely a brief description of characters in the play. However, the one-act drama has much more to offer and as often said, is best experienced in person.
Chaos; generational gaps; promotions and soccer; a script by Mehek Azmathulla, “..And dinner will be served” is a production by Team Misfits. Join us for an early dinner on July 23, 2010, at Christ University, Block One, Mini Auditorium (second floor) at 4.15pm. All diners are required to be in their seats by 4.05pm to avoid disappointment.

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