Change; or so I assume

The title says it all. Or at least I think it does. Sigh. This is perhaps one of the few things I dislike about myself. My ability to not decide as to what I entirely want or what I want to do with myself. Perhaps it is time I changed this weirdass perception of moi. Or maybe it is time I decide as to what I can have as opposed to what really want to in the end.
Best example of when my whole new attitude to ‘change’ comes in. I could really like someone and know that I cannot have him and hence move on to someone I may not particularly like but know that I have greater chances of being with. In other words, I ‘changed’ my perception from what I wanted to what was more feasible. Or so I thought.

2 thoughts on “Change; or so I assume

  1. purpleboxers says:

    a friend of mine said yeah;

    “its not about finding THE ONE, its more about loving what you get”….or atleast trying to 🙂

    but dont worry men, relationships aren’t everything, there is more to life 😉



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