Blogging was not a word that crossed my mind the past month. Hopefully elections this time around would permit me to blog more.

However despite not having enough time to blog I have been able to stare out the vehicle window, one too many a time when I was on my way from one place to another all in the name of work, and recollect memories that a part of me, and those of which I could’ve been a part of.

Of the latter, I do not hold any regrets whatsoever, so he told me at least. Not that I have any. None at all even now when I am to be working instead of blogging about my oh-so mundane but mentally exhausting life. However, what bothers me the most are the opportunities that come my way, that I do not get hold of. It becomes intensely frustrating and nags you to bits when you know that you could’ve done that then, but oh it slipped away due to certain circumstances.  Things become worse. Just when you think you decided on what you want and HOW you want things to be, boom-ka-boom! It happens again! The memories that could’ve entered your life comes by again AT the wrong moment. Catch 22.

You were there for me when I needed you.
But then I had to let you drift away.
Now you are here again with me
but I have let you drift again, away.

28th March 2010 | 1243h | Colombo

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