Doomsday: The Aftermath

Yet another day at work I thought. Or so I thought I wrong. Bugger. Sigh. Terrible post-election trauma and drama. And the hotel that received such disgrace. First and foremost I believe the public is at fault. This was originally supposed to come out the very next day after elections; sigh. Clearly it did not turn out that way.

In regard to the response of the people, I have heard enough and more and am clearly not in a position to elaborate more about it. Not only as it was part of my job to bother all the blokes in Chambers and other business tycoons and get their response on the apparently much disappointed results *and I try to sound impartial* but also what my poor ears were subjected to at home and workplace. Sigh. Thou shall not complain.

Scary thing was the loony boys lighting crackers down Ramanayake Road (luckily enough I managed the typical Sri Lankan girly; latha type smile and got away. What else could I have done *innocence still prevails* 🙂 ) and clearly I was not a fan of the loud explosions *exaggerations* as not only did it irritate me, but it also did harm and contributed to noise pollution.

So here I am, three days after presidential elections and everything is seemingly back to normal. Despite me being at work, a majority of normal people are at home, taking it easy on a Poya day and for school kids it was pure bliss that would definitely not be missed out on.

Obviously, presidential elections 2010 was something that benefited ALL walks of life; patriot or non-patriot.

Mahinda and Hitler: Same shit different asshole – Purpleboxers 😉



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