Doomsday: 11.57 am

The hype is dying down. And here I am without stories. Wait up. I don’t think my first sentence was accurate. The hype is not dying down. My twitter feed is been bogged down with utterly irrelevant and ridiculous election content. That’s the downside in following a local daily.

However, funny thing is that I got a call yesterday from a guy I interviewed. Was on a call with my distressed best friend. Calling him back this morning he tells me that he called to tell me to vote; my personal reminder to be exact. sigh.

Good thing is that the hype to vote would die down by 4.30pm however the thrill in getting the election results would not. Given that the EC’s gone and plunged in all these regulations – which I am not complaining about I must admit – however if things do get bad and results do get delayed, sigh. I will not go any further.



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