Doomsday; I prefer residing in the barn away from civilisation

So it’s finally here; tomorrow at least it is. The most looked forward to ‘post-war; or first post-war elections’ that Sri Lanka is to look forward to. Catch 22. No, I am not looking forward to it. It’s not as though this judgement is made given that I cannot vote, I am eligible for it, however the required lists of some sort have not been properly administered; but it’s just that the hype this has created even during dinner is just utterly inexcusable. Ghastly if I were to say.

But I must admit that work place productivity would definitely increase, tremendously if I were to add after elections are over. In my workplace, a newspaper to be precise, iPods were probably the only thing I could resort to, to get away from all the misery that encapsulated this forsaken subject of politics.

Yes, I have been apathetic towards politics since my ‘understandable’ years. However irony is that I wanted to be the president when I was four years! CBK was my role model if I were to be precise. Now I just stand no where in terms of politics. Not even on the fence. Probably in the adjoining barn.

Apart from this my main concern is how the newspaper would run the next few days. With Wednesday being declared a public and bank holiday it is going to be difficult for us to get hold of stories; given this being a financial newspaper. Well, that’s when I start doing my job as a journalist; bothering people on their mobiles on public holidays. Clearly I do not fall in to that category.


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