10 Days After *sigh*

Realisation struck upon entering my page: My previous blog came in 10 days after the one before that. So much for wanting to keep up with one a week. *failed*

However I could partly be excused given that I do type and type all day as it is my job for the time being; as a result of which I am beyond exhausted to type in more after getting back home.

At one point I did consider putting up my what many number of poems. However due to the unfavourable criticism that I received, which ultimately ended my career as poet as well; I decided on not putting up at all. The practical side to the story is that it is a whole heap of work, I cannot be bothered with (yes they are handwritten).

Getting back on track I did realise that I could not stick to my resolution of a blog per week. That’s absolutely nothing in comparison to what full-fledged bloggers do, however it is a start for me at least 🙂 Bright side of the story is that once I do I blog away till dawn neglecting my other work. *precisely what I happen to be doing now instead of finishing up on my work.sigh*

All I look forward is to increase my frequency of blogging and not get sick of being with computers 🙂


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