Violence against animals : A non-animal lover’s perception

When I heard about our dear old Lassie’s dogs being poisoned I was appalled at the cruelty that could be shown towards dogs; animals.

Those who know me would be why do you care it’s not as though you give a damn alright; and yes I do stand by the stance that I only eat the animals and not necessarily care for them as much as others do. But cruelty of that nature is not only inexcusable but despicable as well. Lassie went on to explain that it was a neighbourhood trait to poison dogs in the area he lived.

The good side to the story is that I no longer feel bad about myself for being a non-animal lover. *beams* However it’s not as though this would trasform me to an animal-rights activist or anything, joke of the year it would be if I did! *lmao* But just that I am now more concerned of what happens to animals apart from horses, fish and mice – three out of the entire animal kingdom that I don’t mind 😀 – as they like us have the right to live.

Lassie’s dogs are doing fine 🙂 Mashallah. And as for me – still a meat-lover to the core ❤ 🙂


3 thoughts on “Violence against animals : A non-animal lover’s perception

    • jillinthebox90 says:

      I don’t LOVE animals as such.. I only eat them 😉 However what happened to the doggies was HIGHLY inexcusable 😦 *hugs back*



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