Politics: Apathy. Concern.

Not something I thought I’d ever blog about; oh well, there’s a first time for everything! Since politics, politicians and their despicable behaviour are the trending topics in the arena, I thought why not. Besides, working for a financial newspaper keeps you on a safe side as well 🙂

Just a few things that crossed my mind in terms of politics. The question everyone keeps slamming me in the face with is, “It’s your first vote. Who will it be?” Sigh. This is NOT American Idol, or in a more local context Sirasa Super Star.

In my opinion I frankly don’t think that either of these blokes would bring anything that is promised. On one hand, the country might turn in to a military regime; on the other hand, it might just continue to go on as it is. As my Principal / English teacher would put it in, “between Scylla and Charybdis.” For those of you who are not too familiar with the Greek odyssey, it’s a situation where either of the alternatives in the situation is no better in comparison; both options were fatal.

Getting to the point, it’s not as though I chose to be apathetic and ignorant (yes very much!) of the situation where politics is concerned. I suppose what I’ve seen since I was little moulded me in to who I am today.

It’s funny how this should come from a girl who wanted to be the President when she was five. A girl who was CBK’s biggest, that she only went in purple three-wheelers. Sigh. Such is youth of today. Realisation is: It’s safer to be apathetic rather than being concerned (refer: JVP insurrections)



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