Justification of the Niqab?

The Niqab (veil) as one knows is worn by most Muslim women especially in the Middle Eastern region. The veil covers most parts of the face revealing only the eyes and the forehead; but the latter, rarely. In most cases, the male of the household makes it compulsory for the females of the family to wear the Niqab upon attaining age. Nevertheless, what one does not realize is that the Niqab is not made obligatory in Islam. While wearing the Hijab (head scarf would probably be the simplest of explanations to non-Muslims) is made compulsory, the Niqab is not. If it is worn, it should be the choice of the woman. It should not be enforced upon her. Besides, it is interesting to also note that Allah has forbidden wearing the Niqab when performing prayers and Haj – which also happen to be two out of the five very significant pillars of Islam.

6 thoughts on “Justification of the Niqab?

  1. Shruthi says:

    I only wish everyone hears this. I know people who put on their Niqab while leaving home and take it off before they enter college – ridiculous i know!!
    and the picture!! ❤ Lara Dutta eh?


    • jillinthebox90 says:

      Indeed. I couldn’t agree more. Being a Muslim and despite not covering my head – which is mandatory – I find the concept on the niqab very debatable. That is Lara Dutta? #IgnoranceIsNotAlwaysBliss



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