MEN – who needs them anyway?

Probably as a result of the most shocking news that did cause quite a stir in my busy yet peaceful world, my views on feminism keep growing dangerously strong each passing moment. Though poets – yes I do classify myself to be one though it is not one that I am writing – are allowed exceptional licence in terms of language, I believe that applies only to grammatical connections and not the (inappropriate) use of language. *sigh-smile-yet continues to keep her eyebrows raised*

Though my present state of mind is due to the latest report that was felt by someone near and dear to me, I must say that my perception regarding the subject matter – feminism – has been heightening since of late. Some call it maturity, others define it as immaturity.

I am not the biggest fan in terms of polygamy, yet as it is allowed in my religion – yes, I am a Muslim – so I do stand by what’s been decreed. Simultaneously, regardless of the fact of me considering myself a feminist, voice out for equality and justify polygamy – for spiritual reasons – that does not make me agree to polyandry. A person who practices polyandry in other words could be defined as a ‘legal’ prostitute. Trying to sit on the fence, I believe that one man could be satisfied with one woman and vice versa.

Men’, think women have been created with many complications. (Probably far more superior to their level of intelligence!) Women on the other hand find it hard to cope with the fact that a man is so simply created, thereby making him insignificant. I believe this is the point where all men shut the window in order to stop reading. Please note that everything I include in my commentary is that of what I have seen, learnt and experienced. Yes, I have matured and do partially justify the fact that one man differs from another. And that certain attributes that may be seen in a majority of men which could be classified as negative, necessarily may not be prevalent in the remaining minority of men. Blaming it on my present psyche, I cannot but help notice the irony embedded in the phrase “necessarily may not be prevalent”. In other words there is a considerable percentage where the entire race of men been well, what in English slang one may refer to illegitimate children as. I believe this is the point where men with hardcore anti-feminism policies hire hit-men to be sent after me.

It’s not as though I don’t believe in Obama’s concept of ‘change.’ Yet, I must say that he speaks of a hypothetical situation; a classroom situation adopted by a teacher to make the explanation simpler. I personally believe that change is something that one should adopt themselves. It’s not something that could be plastered in the forehead of another. I feel the same way when it comes to environmental conservation and action against climate change. Similarly, I believe it is the same when it comes to my discussion of the male gender. Whist all men may have the possibility of turning out to be a replica of the negative genre, there may be a very insignificant number of males who strive at changing themselves at being a better person; to set an example to their fellow gender; to prove to women like myself that ‘not all men are the same’. But the conflict I face is that, regardless of having come across this insignificant number, the stance that has been created initially will always be there. I suppose it’s a personal effort – a very difficult one I must admit – for women such as myself to change our attitude. Believing in fate, I honestly have no clue as to why in the midst of changing, does another example of the negative genre spring up thereby contributing to the already deteriorating perspective!

In relation to the topic, – “MEN – who needs them anyway?” – I must say that the only reason I ever agreed to people being married or considered marriage myself to one unfortunate soul on some unfortunate date in the very distant future is for the sake of children. I personally, love children and at one point I wanted ten of them. That was of course very much before I was greatly made aware of inflation and over-population. But due to advancements made in medicine and technology we are given ‘artificial insemination.’ “MEN – who needs them anyway?”

Second of all, I must say that the stereotypical portrayal of a – speaking locally – Sri Lankan, man in a household is of the father sitting in the living room with his feet on the coffee table reading the newspapers and the son playing some computer or outdoor game; while the mother would be busily engaged in the kitchen preparing meals whilst the daughter would get about household chores or bring the his father tea. It’s not that I am influenced by Sri Lankan tele-dramas. I’m not television’s biggest fan anyways. But from the little I’ve seen of it, this is what is portrayed in both the real and reel worlds. In conclusion, men are of no use to the household. Unless of course having the exception of fixing the UHF antenna or some such one-off incident. “MEN – who needs them anyway?”

Fellow feminists I doubt your agreement, but for those on the fence or pro anti-feminists all I can say is that, women are most capable of handling most tasks by themselves – please note the use of term ‘most’ and not ‘all’ – and the physical presence of men is more secure but not always more economically cooperative. Men are still respected and ‘looked up to’ only as it has been decreed by God who is far more superior to any man or woman and also for reasons we feminists chose to overlook!

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